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Rafting in Bali: Some Safety Guidelines and Tips

Bali is not only an extraordinary holiday destination, but also one of the popular places for adventurers or sports addicts. Bali is very popular for rafting, an adrenaline-pumping sport that is not for you if you have a weak heart. Down a swirling river and fight against the flow of demons on a mere raft, that experience was truly one and only. River rafting is fun and exciting! This is one of the bravest sports in the world with bungee jumping and scuba diving! Interestingly, Bali tourism also gives you a great opportunity to try diving or jumping!

Rafting in Bali: Some Safety Guidelines and Tips

Using Bali’s tourism guide, you can find some of the top sites where white water rafting Bali Ayung river is available. Ayung River Ubud is the main site that hosts this extreme sport. Although, this sport is not easy and full of its own challenges, 100% safe. Trainers are experts in their fields and provide you with adequate training. The novice team must conquer their fears as well, and this sport will be a good hormone taste. Comprehensive safety features! Proper harnessing ensures that participants remain glued to the raft even when it falls and throws on a torrent.

The Telagawaja River in Karangasem district is another popular site for exploring this sport. Both rivers (Ayung and Telagawaja) offer panoramas and natural pleasures for participants. Thus, rafting through these rivers, you will not only experience adrenaline, but will also be welcomed with some clear landscapes.

Bali has various levels of difficulty for beginners, amateurs, and veterans. Thus, the track can be chosen according to your previous experience. The trail is usually laden with mesmeric locations that take you through forests and cascading waterfalls. There are various companies that run services. Each is equipped with its own service section. Some are more experienced and reliable, while some offer lower prices. Usually, the trip covers several kilometers and rafting is not like the short blink-and-miss experience you get on a joyride.

On a Bali tour, you will be given a number of additional facilities which may include lunch or drinks or both! Usually, a set of safety guidelines is submitted to the participants. It is recommended to bring your own personal change of clothes and towels for hygienic purposes. It is also recommended that you wear a short, tight dress and apply sunscreen lotion.