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A trip of exploration

My girl had to travel by plane when she was 6 months old, and it was her first time. It was clear that he would not remember it. Then he traveled far more time but again was too young to remember. November 13, 2019 is his dream come true. On the mentioned date he has completed 3 years and 6 months around. So an airplane trip can be something he will never forget, at least for several years. This is a planned trip in a span of 2 weeks. Only my daughter and I visited Oman to visit my parents for a short visit there. The only thing that kept pushing my girl away was her trip on the plane because she always wanted and liked it. Trip planning, ticket spending, some purchases for loved ones waiting for us there, everything happened very well in just 2 weeks. Finally our travel day arrived. For me, it was a sensation to return to my parents and more to enter the country as I was
at Burger Kingat Burger King
at Burger King
having breakfast
spent 10 years of my childhood.

My girl usually wakes up at 9 in the morning and if I have the intention to wake her up a little earlier, she makes it hell for me. However, our flight is scheduled at 9am and we are expected to reach the airport at least 6am. I didn’t know what he would make me through that day. But look, they are children and they are much smarter than we are adults. On the day of our trip, he woke up at 4 am, drank milk and was very cooperative with me in everything he did made me do better. All for the sake of realizing his dream as early as possible.

Because we were too early, we had too much time to explore Cochin International Airport Limited or CIAL. So we have enough time at the airport to wander around seeing things out there in duty free shops. We patiently check each and everything that is displayed there. The only instruction I gave my girl was not to touch anything because we never intended to buy anything.
Everything from toys, chocolates, and clothes to food ingredients, we made a detailed study because we had too much time for it. After we finished our free assignment, we went to the food court to eat something. Based on our expenses and interests, we chose to eat burgers from Burger King. So that I can eat burgers and drinks and he can get his french fries. That’s our breakfast. When his stomach is full, for the reason he wakes up too early, he really wants to take a nap. But the joy in him never let him do it. He wanted to see everything that happened from entering the plane and it kept him driving.

At 8 o’clock in the morning they started riding us. Our flight is Oman Air. Seeing this, my girl started shouting ‘blue blue’ because the airline’s official color was blue. My girl’s excitement was at the peak and she was never interested in entertainment in flight. The more he enjoyed the seat belts, the windows, the lights above us, and more than all the regular cabin crew in flight. He learned to tie and untie the belt and was happy that he could do it himself. The next thing he saw was a view of our home city, Cochin, from the air. When things get smaller, we finally reach the clouds. At that moment he closed the window and went out to explore on the flight. He really passed everything but the cockpit in there. Even the toilet is not spared. He went with me to the toilet not to fulfill nature’s call, but to see what was there. We both adjusted inside and were fresh in the midst of the jerks you get there.

Right when we eat, I can see my girl holding a spoon and fork with all manners and trying her food. But he never ate anything, before that he fell into a deep sleep and then woke up when we were about to land in Muscat. He was lucky to see Oman from the air. This is a beautiful blend of mountains and sand with white and beige buildings of which are connected by a perfect road network on one side and on the other side is the crystal blue Gulf of Oman. This is the first time we’ve seen Muscat International Airport after a new one was inaugurated. Sticking to a visa and collecting luggage is the only interest we have, because we are in a hurry to get to the people we love there.